At Idris London we are determined to deliver style and authenticity to shoppers worldwide. The word Idris stands for "I Define Real In Society" and the meaning behind this is we believe all customers make our brand real as much as we do. Furthermore, Idris London's Classic logo consisting of the "ID" stands for "Identification" as we believe each individual who chooses to wear our brand leaves their unique identity when showcasing it. I named the brand “IDris London” for a number of reasons. before I chose “Idris” I went through a lot of other names I thought of, I just didn’t believe in it.


I chose Idris because I’ve always been a creative person and my surname is “Idris” so I decided one day to work on the idea more. The angel I selected was due to the fact, it represents purity, honesty and innocence. Furthermore, Real is a subjective word which is why The angel is hiding their face. The statement i define real in society is a bold statement but it’s meant for those of us that consider our self real, honest, genuine. Our store offers a huge collection of goods at affordable prices, and our payment and shipping options are simply unmatched. What are you waiting for? Start shopping online today and find out more about what makes us so special.